From Frustration to Iteration

How Tunnel is Making Web Development as Collaborative and Delightful as Figma

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development, the need for intuitive tools for developers that save time and streamline work is critical. One such innovative software solution is Tunnel. Let’s dive in.

Tunnel’s creation was inspired by over 600 hours spent by its three co-founders, David Thomas, Ryan Brewer, and Leon Si assisting programmers over Zoom and their own frustrations with the numerous slow and inefficient workflows typical of software development cycles. When the trio couldn’t find a good existing solution, they took it upon themselves to build the collaborative developer experience they wished their teams had for sharing progress, receiving feedback, and previewing updates.

So, what does Tunnel do?

Tunnel is a better way to review websites or apps. It’s a toolkit for developers to get better feedback on their work and resolve bugs with less back and forth. With Tunnel, you can add Figma-like commenting and Loom-like recording to your preview/staging environment. Comments come with environment metadata like console and network logs, browser version, window size, and operating system. Tunnel also integrates with Slack to two-way sync threads, Jira, Linear, and Asana to create issues from comments, and GitHub to link feedback to PRs. Tunnel turns your entire organization into great bug reporters with a couple of lines of code.

Tunnel’s software represents an exciting step forward in making the developer experience more efficient, collaborative, and enjoyable. With its ambitious and talented technical team, Tunnel is a company to watch in the months and years ahead.

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