Train Fitness: Powering Your Workout With AI

An AI-powered fitness tracker that detects exercises from the motion of your Apple Watch

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Train Fitness is the developer of an AI-powered fitness tracker that detects strength training exercises from the motion of your Apple Watch and offers real-time coaching.

Consumers have latched on to the digital fitness trend, with the value of health-related apps projected to grow 600% by 2029. Just as companies like BetterHelp and Noom succeeded in online D2C mental health and nutrition services, there’s substantial room for growth in offering innovative solutions for tracking and enhancing physical well-being.

Alumni Ventures portfolio company Train Fitness is capitalizing on the importance of physical health. The company is addressing the $21.8 billion global virtual fitness market through AI-powered wearable fitness trackers. Using AI to analyze motion data from Apple Watches, Train Fitness can identify, track, and derive expert-level analysis of a user’s workouts, offering real-time coaching to help them improve.

AI-Powered Fitness

Train Fitness has built proprietary AI software that automatically detects exercise type, equipment, grip, variation, and the number of repetitions based on movement from an Apple Watch. The software is trained to identify over 130 distinct exercises — even distinguishing between similar workouts like post grip and regular push-ups. On top of this automated tracking, Train’s software also can track range of motion, acceleration, velocity, displacement, and time under tension to get the most accurate workout data.

Train Fitness monetizes with a highly scalable subscription business model that offers free and pro tiers. The free version allows users to try the app out with a limited number of features, including 57 auto-detected exercises, workout logs/history, and social feeds. The pro tier offers 160 auto-detected workouts, exercise-specific stats, and progression stats.

What We Liked About Train Fitness

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    Fitness & Software Expert Founder

    The company’s CEO and Founder Andrew Just has domain knowledge in fitness and technology. He was the valedictorian of his class at McGill University and has work experience at McKinsey.
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    AI-Enabled Workout Training & Coaching

    Human activity recognition is an essential application of AI technology as enormous amounts of data can be collected by observing how a person moves. Train Fitness is at the forefront of the AI-enabled human activity space, and the team is actively working towards launching fitness coaching from an AI-powered personal trainer. This AI personal trainer will provide guidance to individuals during their workouts, analyzing subtle movements and physical strain data to offer personalized real-time coaching and feedback.
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    Substantial Market Opportunity

    Strength training is increasing in popularity, with gyms seeing faster demand growth in this area than in other types of exercise. However, no dominant technology brands are explicitly focused on tracking strength training. With the global wearables fitness tracking market projected to grow from ~$36 billion in 2020 to $115 billion in 2028,* Train is well-positioned to capitalize on this momentum.

How We Are Involved

Ring Ventures (for the Texas A&M community) sponsored Alumni Ventures’ investment in Train’s $2.5 million seed round led by Relay Ventures. AV’s AI Fund and Total Access Fund also participated in the round.

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*Fortune Business Insights, “Fitness Tracker Market Size,” 2020.